Important Symptoms Of Stroke In Women

Important Symptoms Of Stroke In Women

The most breathtaking medical state and one of the least acknowledged diseased condition, is the stroke. It is caused by the obstructed flow of blood to the brain, most often due to clotting of blood in the arteries. The symptoms are generally more subtle and remain unnoticed or not recognized as important by many of us.

Persons of any age can develop stroke and the risk increases with increasing age. After 55 years of age, the risk doubles and women tend to have an increased stroke risk; if any of the family members had it or had used hormone based contraceptive pills for birth control.

Stroke has been seen at higher rates among African-American women as compared to white women. This could be due to high blood pressure, observed more commonly in African-American women. Women with elevated blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, arterial fibrillation, and hormonal changes as a result of child birth, pregnancy or menopause show higher risks of stroke.Knowing the warning signals of stroke is very important as then treatments available for stroke can be manifested on time, to revert back the condition and save lives.

Symptoms Of Stroke

Warning signs include numbness or weakness of face or in the extremities, disturbed vision from one or both the eyes, difficulty in communication with confused mental state or sudden and severe headache.
Women tend to show few additional signs too

Loss Of Consciousness

stroke in women

Due to interruption in usual blood flow to most vital organs like brain, the confusion state happens due to inadequate oxygen and the brain struggles to function properly. There could be loss of memory, unrecognized state and unconscious state. This is alarming sign of stroke and need instant medical supervision.

Sudden Exhaustive State

A woman could show uncoordinated movement of a leg or an arm, difficulties in holding objects with noticeable facial droop. Mouth sags on one side and smiling is no more an easy task. Stroke induced weakness may causing leaning towards the hampered side while sitting and there is difficulty maintaining sitting posture without some support.

Shortness Of Breath

signs of stroke in women

Women may experience a heavy chest that makes it difficult to breath. Chest pain may also happen with heartburn sensation, nausea and immense pressure on heart. One could undergo wheezing or shortness of breath, irrespective of any pain in the chest. Breathing troubles may also lead to dizziness and lightheaded state, probably leading to a heart attack.

Intense Headache

Severe headache, unlike the kinds ever before and without any apparent cause, is the warning sign of stroke itself. It is usually accompanied by blurred vision and dizzy state. This is usually due to hemorrhagic stroke, where bursting of blood vessels occur within the brain leading to leakage of blood into the brain tissues, accompanied by intense headache. On consulting the specialist instantly, early stroke treatment could relieve the symptoms.

A stroke usually affects face expression, speech and motor skills; therefore, keep a check on these to confirm the signals as that of stroke only. In case, a stroke happens, it becomes crucial to take rapid action as brain cells die rapidly, if left untreated.

Act F.A.S.T On Observing First Symptom Of Stroke

When one has a doubt whether the symptom is of stroke or not just follow F.A.S.T test. Ask the patient to smile and observe whether face droops to one side. Then ask the patient to raise both the arms and observe if any one arm gets drifted downward.

Make the person talks and repeat simple phrase and monitor whether speech is strange or slurred. On observing any one of these signs, immediately call for medical assistance or 911. Note the timing of first symptom that appeared and if treated within three hours since the first sign of stroke, the treatment could reduce the long duration disability from stroke, with the help of FDA approved clot busting medicine.

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