8 Best Ways For Acne Scar Removal

 Acne Scar Removal

For all the women to have beautiful looks is an obsession. But the situation become worse when your skin is vulnerable to constant outbreaks of acne.

What scare you most is when it goes off , leaving behind a creepy scar over your face. So, in order to remove these annoying scars here are certain great tips that you may follow.

8 Effective Ways To Remove Acne Scar

Natural Treatments

In order to remove them you might have tried different natural or artificial ways. But remember trying a natural way is always safe as there is no negative impact over the skin.There are different combinations you can try.

Sandal Wood

A blend of rose water with sandal wood is the perfect face mask for your acne scars. Some drops of lemon juice can also be added to augment the effect.

Sandal Wood

Leave the mixture applied over the spot and let it be there for overnight. wash your face with cold water the next day. After few days you will find a great reduction in the scar.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has great anti-oxidant property and it is very effective in killing germs. It lightens the skin color. Rub some lemon juice over the spot and leave it for 10 -15 minutes. It turns out to be the best way to deal with acne scars.

Lemon Juice


Cucumber juice is another good way of dealing with acne scars. leave it applied over the skin with a cotton pad to ensure that it penetrate highly inside the skin.


Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rose hip seed oil can also be another alternate of it.  It is a great skin rejuvenating agent and help in reduction of aging and wrinkles. Message the skin twice a day with it.

Rose Hip Seed Oil

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Laser Therapy

In laser therapy a high powered laser light is  utilized to remove the particular skin coating, that is effected by acne.

Laser Therapy

CO2 and YAG are the most commonly used lasers. It takes some 2-3 weeks for a person to get recover. However a patient is required to make repeated visit in order to achieve desired results.

Collagen Augmentation

It is another good way of reducing skin scar. Here the dermatologist uses fat as filler into the skin. It smooth-en the scarey skin and makes it spotless.  It is quite fast in terms of recovery. But, being a temporary way, a patient has to take constant injection of collagen.

Over The Counter

If your skin is highly tough to bear the chemical agents then this can be the best option for you. You can use packed high qualities foundation or concealer to hide your mark. Some bleaching cream can also be adopted as they diminish the mark slightly.

Use High qualities Foundation Or Concealer

Alternately some microderma abrasion kits can also be used as they peel off the dead tissues and helps in regeneration of new skin. It involves the usage of a small device to insert new crystal into skin. Thus can be very beneficial in reducing scars and wrinkles. It takes a couple of week to get recover. However, it is advisable only in case of very dark scar.Remember you should always consult an experienced medical practitioner while choosing the best way for your skin.

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